Insta Immigration Services is a trusted immigration Consultants that has the intention of enabling people to live their dreams and build their new life abroad with ease. As a top-licensed immigration consultancy firm in Dubai, We specialize in executing end-to-end immigration solutions for Uk, Canada, Australia, Malta,Poland USA & Portugal.

As a seasoned immigration services provider, we are well-versed in the industry and are proficient in analyzing and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of immigration law which helps us provide quality services to our clients, without any hassles or delays.

Our Experience

With over 6 years of experience and more than 10,000 worldwide visa approvals to date, we have great reputation as the leading immigration consultancy in the UAE and MENA in general. Our focus is not only centered around securing a visa for our client, but we are also committed to delivering an all-around five-star quality service.

Why Choose Us?

Registered migration agents are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct with high levels of knowledge of migration law and procedures. They are professionals and are bounded also by ethical rules. A registered migration agent can provide you with information and advice regarding immigration matters.

  • Reduce risk on your application
  • Maximize your chances of visa approval
  • Receive professional advice on all migration matters
  • Minimize the errors and delays by incomplete applications
  • Assuring your matters are constantly regulated by the immigration authorities of countries